What are the ideal conditions for DrillRoom?

DrillRoom will work more accurately in the following conditions:

How tall should my tripod be?

Tripod should be at least 5 feet in height, with 7-8 being the ideal height.

Is my cloth color supported?

Any cloth color is supported. Typical colors such as green or tournament blue work best.

Can I use any ball in the drills?

You should place the balls specified by the instructions of the drill and not others. In scenarios where any ball will do know that solids tend to work more accurately.

How do I know my table is detected successfully?

A grid of white dots should appear on screen. If the dots coincide with the intersection of diamonds of the table it means it's being detected successfully.

How do I know where to place the balls when using the back camera?

There are three ways to achieve this. The first one is to use screen mirroring from your device to an AppleTV enabled screen to be able to see in a big screen the expected positions, and score dashboard while you play. The second one is to toggle the camera used to use the front facing camera to achieve the same result. Know that accuracy will suffer as image quality of front facing cameras is lower than rear facing cameras. The third option is to learn by heart the expected positions of the balls for a drill from the diagram, which are aligned with the intersection of diamonds, and rely on audio feedback from the virtual coach when the layout is ready.

Can I move the tripod in the middle of a drill?

You can, just make sure to grant the app some seconds with the tripod in a stable position to home in the table again.

How do I change the audio feedback?

You may change the voice of your virtual coach in the app's settings. Currently there are two options.